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Innovation: Put Innovation First. Innovation is one of the central advantages in today's global competition. The government should focus on stimulating innovation by refocusing on national tax, regulatory, and investment policies, encouraging research, investment, productivity and enhanced education so the U.S. will continue to be the most innovative county in the world.

Trade: Strengthen the World Trade System. The strength of the world trade system is crucial in a globalized and highly competitive world. The U.S. should focus on strengthening the world trade system by launching trade negotiations and financial reforms to reduce the global trade and financial imbalances, open markets more rapidly, and enforce agreements.

Worker Security: Establish a New Compact for Worker Security. Worker security is essential to raising American competitiveness. The government should restructure unemployment insurance, job training, and other national programs to give workers the training and support they need to build successful careers as the economy changes.

Financial Responsibility: Restore Fiscal Sanity in Washington. Fiscal responsibility and restraint is imperative if the U.S. wants to continue to sustain its economic advantage. The U.S. should focus on regaining control of national finances through tough measures to eliminate spending, raise revenue, reduce public borrowing, and spur private savings.



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