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I believed that in the aftermath of 911, and with the intelligence we and the entire world had at the time, we could not risk our nation’s security with the possibility of Saddam Hussein amassing weapons of mass destruction to use against his neighbors or us. Let alone provide those weapons to terrorist groups. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and in the aftermath of the invasion and occupation, WMD’s were not found.

The fact is we are now in Iraq. We should not set a deadline for a premature withdrawal, it would only encourage the terrorists to wait us out, giving them time to regroup and rearm. It would be a disaster for that volatile region of the world if we left Iraq without stabilizing that country. It would show that the United States could not be counted on to keep its commitments, which would send a dangerous message to our enemies. It would also mean that our brave men and women, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, would have done so in vain. I believe we owe them more than that. We would also be leaving that country in the hands of Iran, Syria and Al Qaeda. Millions of Iraqi’s risked their lives in three, separate, elections for the chance to live in freedom.

Sherman Parker

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