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I am in favor of increasing government funding and incentives to develop wind, solar, hydrogen fuel cell and biofuel technologies, and natural gas.

Twenty-three percent of our energy consumption needs are supplied by natural gas – the fastest growing energy source. By increasing the flow of natural gas as a bridge energy source, and phasing in the conversion to coal gasification technology, we can decrease our dependence on foreign energy sources and insulate the U.S. from price shocks and shortages

Our current policy is one of over reliance on increasing supply to meet surging demand, defending unstable oil importing states to sustain energy access, and wishful thinking that discovering new oil fields will provide adequate future energy flows. These policies simply cannot sustain our growing energy needs. These new fuel sources will of course take time to be fully implemented in our economy. In the interim, we should look at reducing the burdensome federal and state taxes on a gallon of gasoline.

We should also combine the current 18 different fuel types and around 45 different fuel blends into 6. Throughout the nation, different areas have chosen their own unique blends, leading to fragmentation of our nation’s fuel system and tight supply conditions that foster price spikes, particularly if there is a supply disruption affecting an area’s particular blend of fuel.


Sherman Parker

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