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I understand there has to be a cordial relationship with Business and Labor communities for the St. Charles/ St. Louis Region to continue to grow. I see the St. Louis/St. Charles region as a place in which businesses invest because of a well-educated and well-prepared workforce and because they are assured that neither taxes nor regulation will be unreasonable. The St. Charles/ St. Louis region will be where people with ideas and initiative want to be, whether they are the next software giant or the next local grocer.

I see the St. Louis/St. Charles region as the research and development center of the world in biotech, biomedical and alternative energy industries.

I see an economy marked by innovation, converting new technologies created in our universities and research laboratories into products and services in demand worldwide. Whether a new industry or a more traditional one, I see an environment where businesses can bring their products and services to market quickly.

In a strong St. Louis/St. Charles region economy, both entrepreneurs and workers will benefit. Health and housing costs will be affordable, thanks to more choices and fairer competition. Public education will be consistently excellent and investment in public higher education will expand. Start-up and reinvestment capital will be broadly available. Because of the wealth of opportunity, young people and families will want to set down roots here.

Supporting an economic renaissance, federal and state government will become an active partner with businesses and workers. As a Congressman I will be personally involved in expanding opportunity and business growth.

That is why I have sponsored HB 1484 the Revitalization and Reconstruction commission address the problems associated with distressed urban areas.


Sherman Parker

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