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Preparing our Economy for the 21st Century


Energy - I am in favor of increasing government funding and incentives to develop wind, solar, hydrogen fuel cell and biofuel technologies, and natural gas. Read more
Illegal Immigration - I am foremost against any type of amnesty program for those who are living and working in this country illegally.  Read more
Iraq - I believed that in the aftermath of 911, and with the intelligence we and the entire world had at the time, we could not risk our nation’s security with the possibility of Saddam Hussein amassing weapons of mass destruction to use against his neighbors or us.  Read more
Healthcare - All Americans should have access to affordable, quality health care.  Read more
Economic Development - I understand there has to be a cordial relationship with Business and Labor communities for the St. Charles/ St. Louis Region to continue to grow.  Read more
Preparing our Economy for the 21st Century - Innovation, Trade, Worker Security, and Financial Responsibility.  Read more
Sherman Parker

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